Looking for win-win…

Negotiating is an art and a science…

Those who are prepared and follow a simple effective process will always win, and when you keep re visiting the customer, you need to ensure they win too if you want to be invited back!! This FMCG category captain works hard to provide the best for their customers and their customers customers too.


Starting their journey

Just spent the last two days working with new starters at a major FMCG soft drinks manufacturer, focus on the 9 steps to a sale. Lots of role play using a real store to ensure they hit the floor running.

Its the real thing!


Leadership the way forward to brand growth

Working as part of a team of global trainers delivering a leadership programme to support the ambitious growth plans of a major luxury manufacturer. It is clear that to grow the business everyone involved at all levels needs to step up a gear, this is one of the tools to facilitate this change.