Is this really negotiation…?

Working with a group of managers from a large bakery who need to get buy in from their teams and external suppliers, who are looking for ways to gain commitment quickly and easily.

Negotiation skills can help with this and apply to all situations not just sales.

“Negotiation is as old as the hills, we negotiate from the cradle to the grave; When we are infants we trade tears for attention.”

Dr Chester L Karras.

All of the delegates gained new skills that can be applied in all areas of their lives.


Let me help you decide…

Working with a major soft drinks manufacturer to help field based sales teams advise retailers to help them grow their business.

It seems that even if it is a great idea people still say no! This is generally because no explicit need has been identified. This course looks at questioning techniques that will surface real needs that retailers are currently unaware of.

Once a need is established help is at hand with the best solution for all involved.

A triple win!


Can you do this for me please….?

I am sure this is a question you have been asked many times, it will also be a question you have asked on occasions. Today I am working with people from a well known bakery. All of them want to be more effective when asking the question…

Influence is all about understanding how to approach other people in such a way as to make it easier for them to say yes. This involves understanding peoples preferences, do they like big picture or detail? Or do they prefer facts or emotional information to make their decisions?

Once we can package our request in a more appealing way we can use science and persuasion to get further commitment.

Is this influence or manipulation?

It all depends on your motives!

Can I help you..?

There is an easy way to answer this question.

Its OK i’m just looking!

This high street mobile telephone chain knows it needs to take a more imaginative a personal approach if it is to continue to grow and thrive in an ultra competitive market.

Basing the changes on “mystery shop” data helps to add a sense of realism to the sessions which rely on the enthusiasm and commitment of all of individuals involved to make small changes to existing process’s and habits to take customer experiences to the next level.

Four, weekly coaching sessions with their team leaders will help make the changes stick.


Online sessions….

Today finds me sitting in a windowless office in front of a webcam, delivering updates and training into handling inbound telephone enquiries to the aftersales department.

This manufacturer is consistently growing its’ market share and knows that this only happens when customers are handled correctly when they make contact with the dealership by telephone.

It not only grows loyalty it also generates revenue.

Team effectiveness…

When a new leader is appointed to an exisiting team it can be tough to get everyone on board pointing in the same direction…

Todays’ half day starts the process using Insights Discovery Personal profiles as the key to unlock the mysteries of team communication and motivation.

Having a balanced team often means a group of individuals with their own agendas, this team falls into this category, only now they value the differences in approach and outlook instead of seeing them as problems and barriers.

Who would have thought that surgical instruments could be so much fun!!


How to make the most of your car…

Buying a car is the start of the relationship with the dealership and the manufacturer, todays’ session looks at ways to help the customer get the best value for money whilst maintaining their vehicles within manufacturers recommendations, using fully trained technicians and genuine parts…


Pickup professionals…

A vehicle manufacturer providing light commercial vehicles built using their knowledge of heavy trucks means you get a workhorse that will stay the distance…

Having a great product is not enough in competitive markets, that is why this manufacturer is investing in the skills of its people so they can provide not just unrivalled product knowledge but also up to date legislative and funding information, giving customers a professional “one stop shop”.