Have they got what it takes….?

Putting my assessing skills to the test…

Assessing 4 sales professionals to see how well they, qualify, present and demonstrate an class leading pickup.

They really are Pickup Professionals!


Professional assessor accreditation…

Spent the day with four other people being put through our paces to ensure we can asses in a professional manner and become ATA assessors.

We are taking 3 written tests and one online multiple choice.

Wish us luck……


The secrets of professional negotiators…

Have had a fantastic experience working with senior managers of a global FMCG brand looking at ways to negotiate more effectively with buyers from large Supermarket and pub chains.

It is a tight market especially when you are the brand leader and your competitors are working to change that.

Tis means that great negotiation skills are not enough, it is the mental preparation that becomes more important.

We spent time looking at how our “mindset” has as much if not more to play in the final result as the well reasoned arguments and additional sweeteners.

The buyers won’t know what’s hit them!


How do you keep your customers happy…

Have spent the day with a family run Bakery looking at Customer service….

We discover that we all know what we need to do, we also discovered that is not always what happens!!!

We spent time focussing on the “triggers” that may put us in the frame of mind that stops us delivering the right experience and ways to stop them having that effect.

Some great stories and insights from everyone.


Competency based interviews…

Just spent the day working with managers for a major construction company in Dubai

Looking at the best ways to recruit the right people for the right reasons.

All about asking the right questions….

So when do I start? 😉


What is the definition of a professional…?

Working with a well know manufacturer of pick ups to develop all sales people into full service professionals.

Looking at all areas from product through to company types, funding options, tax allowances, BIK and Tachograph legislation.

Great fun!

The customer will get a truly professional experience when they visit their local showroom!


The journey….

Working with a team of managers for a major soft drinks company, looking at how to use competences to drive performance.

Get thing the most from people is much easier when there is an effective way to measure behaviour as well as performance, it is also important to ensure that the tool is used effectively as a carrot and not a stick.

Enjoying the challenge, creating better coaches and leaders…