Difficult people…

Have spent a very challenging yet rewarding day with some managers and team leaders from a family Bakery looking at the thorny issue of dealing with difficult people and situations.

Everyone was happy to share war stories and set stretching objectives for the day, before diving into some exercises designed to highlight what can go wrong when we communicate with other people and identifying ways to stop this happening, this was followed by looking at ways to stay assertive when communicating so that we can explore opportunities that benefit both parties.

We then identified the 4 personality styles and discovered what makes them tick, what their core strengths were and how we can adapt our approach to connect more effectively with them.

Finally we finished up pulling it all together in a 5 step process that linked all of the ideas up so we communicate effectively and assertively, with a tailored approach that enables issues to be discussed in depth so that lasting solutions are discovered.

All delegates went away with actions to put their new skills to use, with renewed confidence in their abilities to handle difficult people and achieve win-win outcomes…


Giving best sales advice….

Working in Glasgow with service advisors from a major automotive manufacturer, looking at ways to ensure that the “Happiness” of ownership lasts longer and longer.

All that needs to happen is that every customer has the products explained to them so they can make an informed choice based on sound advice.

It seems the biggest challenge is helping advisors find quick, easy and flexible ways to introduce this into their existing routines. All delegates left with a 3 point action plan to help them to do this.

I know they will spread the “Happiness” to their customers…

Consultative selling skills….

Working with a global FMCG brand that is the market leader, looking for ways to help customers realise the benefits that working more closely with them can yield.

In today’s new world simply telling people what you have is no longer enough. In order to get customer to buy into fresh approaches they must see the need.

Using advanced questioning techniques will help customers “implied” needs become “explicit”, once this has happened it becomes obvious that something needs to change.

The final step is to apply the correct products and services to create a triple win situation.

The delegates rose to the challenge. I am sure their customers will see the benefits too…


How do we retain our customers….?

Working with service advisors for a global car manufacturer looking for ways to make sure that customer get the best value from the brand and stay within the network.

This is a thorny problem and yet the solution is easier than it looks, by ensuring that every customers is made aware of the many products available to help them contain costs and stay mobile.

We focused on finding ways to build a quick yet memorable explanation of the products into the current booking process to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to understand what is available. This was followed by looking at how to present “Benefits” as opposed to “Features” which makes it easier for customers to say yes.

Keeping the power of dreams alive…


More Pickup Professionals

Back again working with a global manufacturer of Commercial vehicles. Creating sales people who can provide advice on not just the product and its technical specifications but also, taxation, funding and legal requirements regarding towing and tachographs.

Allowing customers to make informed buying decisions in one place at one time.

Hard work and very rewarding..


Half a day to fix your time management..!

I know what you are thinking….

Is that enough time? I can tell you that myself and 27 managers in Riyadh discovered it was just right.

We looked at ways to prioritise key tasks to make sure that the focus is on the right things at the right time.

We then moved on to look at what causes us to procrastinate and developed ways to overcome them before finishing by setting some goals to achieve the tasks we have been avoiding.

A very profitable use of half a day!


Solving problems in KSA….

Have spent the last two days working with a large construction company and 40 of their top managers to help them solve the myriad of problems they face in a very competitive marketplace.

Using a simple 4 step process we are turning problems into solutions which create new opportunities to increase productivity and engagement whilst reducing waste and rectification works.

A very challenging yet rewarding couple of days.

Whilst neither of the views are stunning the future most certainly is!



Preparing in style….

I have been working with a colleague on a big pitch and we needed a great space to work in to inspire us.

I think this place did the trick!

Nice work if you can get it 😉