It’s official I am now an ATA Accredited Assessor…

I today received my certificate and official card that is valid for the next three years…

It was not easy to get and I am very pleased to have it, it now means I can work with Automotive manufacturers to help them assess and improve their levels of customer service in their aftersales departments.

Research has shown that second, third and even fourth vehicle purchases are more heavily influenced by the experience customers receive in the aftersales area than in the sales area.

So if you want to increase CSI and new car sales this is the place to start!


Top secret…

Today I have been briefed on a new project for a major prestige motor manufacturer that enables customers to experience a virtual life size car, I will be off to brief it in around Europe over the coming weeks.

It is truly “bleeding edge” technology that is being used in a unique and engaging way.

Can’t wait to start.

No pictures as I was in a secret location!

From Starter to Advisor getting in a SPIN…

Working with a well known FMCG brand, and experienced field sales people, looking at ways to take their relationships and sales skills to the next level.

We started by looking at what an advisor really is, how much further up in the relationship pyramid they can take their customers and the fastest and most efficient ways to do it.

We looked at SPIN as being a good way to ask better, more specific questions to create a deeper understanding in both the rep and the customer regarding explicit needs before looking at how to sell to them.

We finished up looking at different, motivations and buyer types so we could really tailor our approach.

Everyone went away with some new action points and a fresh perspective on ways to achieve their plans…


Final tweaks…

Just finishing up the work on the workshop for the well known Auto brand…

Taking feedback on board and amending slides slightly, updating the lesson plan and my favourite, producing a short narrated video highlighting a new development tool and the best ways to use it to get the most from it.

It took 10 takes to get just right, the client thought it was spot on!


Insights into Amsterdam…

Working with a senior IT team from a well known FMCG company that produces tobacco products….

Looking for ways to work more closely as a team and develop deeper relationships with stakeholders so that they can get IT on the agenda and be seen as a more proactive function within the business.

Using Insights Discovery we identified our preferences, how this helps us and how it may hold us back, we looked at identifying the stakeholders preferences and begun to develop new ways to approach them.

A great start to an interesting and challenging journey for all….


Development, presentation…

Spent today delivering the output of my development to both the client and the trainer…

Lots of tweaking and primping before we get the Professionals in to give the final PowerPoint presentation a slick look and feel.

A very frustrating and rewarding day, everyone is comfortable with the results so far and with a few additions which are in the pipeline all will be finished by the deadline.

I have just one more day next week to pull it all together, finalise a briefing video before hitting the button to get it all produced for delivery Thursday and then 2 further session the week after.

It’s all go…


The main event…

Spent the last 4 days working on the event I was prepared for last week…

Day one was the set up day, followed by a run through, preparation, preparation, preparation.

Day 2 35 eager delegates who are hungry for new ways to identify customers, and sell to them, as well as making sure they recoup the money they may have lost by being away from the dealership.

A full on project looking at the Customer experience, the activity levels required for prospecting, ways to drive footfall into the showroom via marketing and considering some of the legal aspects of the product.

Day 3 we get hands on with the product and its competitors before filming 30 second adverts from each delegate, (always nice to shift the pressure from the trainer to the delegate) before a final flourish and prize for the best advert. A real gem!

Day 4 is a repeat of day three for manufacturer sales teams who sell direct to fleets and support the dealerships, accent is on whole life costs and supporting the training when visiting dealerships.

All of the delegates go away with fresh motivation and a realisation that selling is not all about price and that the new product is a winner!

Our work here is done…


Development in the sunshine…

Working on the brief from Tuesday staring the process of pulling ideas together, looking for exercises to reinforce the learning and new ways to collect actions throughout the workshop so that new behaviours developed on the day continue back at the dealerships.

It is always both frightening and exciting at the same time. Staring at a blank sheet of paper getting ready to map things out.

By the end of the day I have a lesson plan and the start of some exercise ideas as well as a draft slide deck.

A good days work…


Same location different brand…

Meeting in the the very same offices I was in yesterday to be trained on a two day workshop I will be delivering next week for a French automotive manufacturer.

We will be looking at a product refresh and then looking at how much activity will be required to make it a success.

We will also be considering the customers experience we deliver and the marketing messages we need to send to keep in touch before during and after the launch phase.

A really great product and a very exciting project, can’t wait….


Briefing to get on brand…

Working with a well known German automotive manufacturer to develop a one day workshop to help their B2B team leaders to maximise their sales.

Reminding them about how important it is to coach and develop their teams, before giving them some KPI’s to measure them against.

We also look at CRM and how important it is before finishing up looking a a new tool that will help them to predict and measure performance.

My task now is to pull this all together into a lesson plan so it can be delivered by another trainer in two weeks time.

The clock is ticking….