How much can you achieve in 90 minutes…?

Quite a lot actually…

Working with a global consultancy firm I ran three, quick 90 minute sessions to develop skills that can be applied immediately.

The first session focused on Rapport and its importance and practical ways to build it. We used a 4 step process that enables deep rapport to be developed. This is not a way to “manufacture” rapport instead it is a way of working and communicating that will create rapport quickly.

The second session looked at ways to develop self awareness and use it as a lever for self development, in this session we looked at why self development is so important and the factors that affect how we are perceived and how this impacts our results and future prospects, we finished by identifying areas for development and set SMART goals to achieve them.

The final session looked at how to prepare for and manage performance conversations, using a 5 step model to ensure that the conversation is always, pragmatic, fair and positive. We looked at how important it is for us as individuals to be pro active when preparing for these meetings so that real development opportunities are created.

In all three of the sessions delegates were able to understand, experience and plan to use the new tools to ensure they manage their career progression effectively.

I worthwhile investment of time vs impact…


Negotiation skills in Dubai…

Once again I have been enjoying the sunshine working with a group of managers from a global FMCG brand, identifying ways to ensure that negotiations are more successful for all.

We began day one by looking at the 5 negotiation positions and identifying the good and bad in each before discovering which of them we prefer to use and which we tend to avoid. We then looked at the negotiations that have not gone well in the past and checked to see if we took the correct approach and made action plans to ensure we used a different more appropriate approach next time.

Then we took a look at the 5 step negotiation process and the skills required in each step.

Each step was followed by a negotiation scenario to try the tools out, these are always hugely entertaining, engaging and enlightening.

The first scenario was just about selling everyday items, the second focussed on sorting out some pay rise issues, the third focussed on selling in extreme circumstances and the final one focussed on solving a pressing humanitarian issue.

As the course progressed the stakes got higher!

I am pleased to say everyone left with more confidence and some actions for future negotiations.

Insights into team effectiveness…

Have spent a great day with a newly formed team for a global pharmaceutical company, some of the members had started with the company and the team on Monday!

We were using the Insights Discovery Personal Profiles as the tool to help the team understand each other and get up to speed quickly.

Each member of the team works remotely so good communications are a must.

We spent the start of the day looking at the Insights model and how the profiles were constructed, before getting int the meat of the day, looking at how the profiles would help the team to communicate effectively.

After working in small groups to identify personal strengths and areas for development, they quickly realised that other team members had the required skills to help them improve in these areas, this was the first step towards valuing differences and helping each person play to their role in developing each other.

We then created a team handbook which set out what each person brings t the team, the best ways to communicate with them and things to avoid. Finally each member made a commitment to their team mates about how they would work for the good of the team and support each other etc.

Finally they completed a number of team challenges that built on their new skills, and helped identify ways to apply them to the real situations they face on a daily basis.

The team left with a much better understanding of themselves, each other and how to work as an effective unit.

I am sure they will meet with great success.


Conference sales…

Have spent the day working with a group of sales professionals from the worlds leading provider of maritime publications, advertising and conferencing creating ways to boosting sales effectiveness to ensure their next big co fence was well attended.

We started by focussing on what the the real sales message was before identifying the target customers, once this was done we began to look at how we create word tracks that attract, create interest and desire to visit and finally ensure that the customer takes action to book.

Word tracks were created for each customer type and business role, so that a tailored approach can be taken to each.

Finally we identified potential objections to the offer and generated new ways to handle them.

I good days work, can’t wait to see how successful they are…