Call to action…

January started quietly with a roll out project for a premium automotive brand, who are looking at improving the way customers who ring the dealership and handled. The idea is that calls will be monitored and critiqued to help sales executives to further improve their skills, this coupled with online training and in dealership coaching will lead to an improvement that is sustainable.

Fresh ways to handle old problems..

Today I have been working with administrators from a professional body that provides support and governance to the medical profession…

They are faced with constantly increasing and changing demands in an environment that is heavily regulated and constantly striving to reduce costs whilst drinking up standards. A big ask.

As Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”

With this in mind top of our list was identifying creative ways to develop fresh perspectives in a very process driven organisation, once we had opened our minds up, we began to focus on a simple 5 step problem solving and decision making process.

At each stage of the process new tools were introduced to ensure a fresh perspective was taken, whilst ensuring that focus was maintained on solving the problem.

We started by looking at ways to fully understand the problem, before moving on to create potential solutions, we then moved to to look at ways to evaluate them thoroughly. Once this was complete we looked at tools to ensure the correct solution was selected and finally we looked at how to implement and follow through.

All delegates left with potential solutions to some of the problems they already have and a simple yet effective process to continue to solve any additional problems that will arise in a constantly changing environment.

The picture may not be inspirational, however the delegates really were…