Influencing skills…

Working with a group of managers from a family run bakery at their head office, today we are looking at ways to influence….

In modern organisations there are more and more cross functional teams as they become more matrix like in their approach, because of this learning to influence is becoming increasingly important.

We began the day by understanding the difference between positional power and personal power, before identifying areas and individuals that we need to influence. We picked the people we find most difficult to influence as our “guinea pigs” to plan how to use the tools we discussed ¬†going forward.

We started by looking at different personal styles and the preferences we all have, we were able to identify our preferences and those of others around us. When we looked at the people we found it hardest to influence it came as no surprise that they had different styles from our own.  Delegates then developed action plans based around ways to flex their style with these people to make communications more effective.

We moved on to look at our own personal influencing styles, we identified the ones we use the most and discussed where these were working for us, before looking at situations where we were unable to influence effectively and identifying which of the other styles could help and again put plans in place to change our approach accordingly.

Then we delved into Robert Cialdini’s 6 influencing strategies before finally focussing on ways to manage conflict constructively so we can put ourselves in a position to influence things more easily.

Delegates left with a strong plan of action to increase their levels of influence with their “guinea pigs”.

They will be putty in their hands…


Another sales assessment day…

In fact this has now become a two day event…

Working with sales professionals from a commercial vehicle manufacturer to identify and assess their knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

A tough couple of days for the delegates and some tough decisions for myself and the team.

We start with a customer meet and greet, where requirements are identified.

This is followed by a product demonstration and finally a test drive.

Overall a great job done by all and some meaningful feedback provided to ensure any areas for development are handled going forward.

Two good days work…


GA 2014…

I have just spent an amazing day with the 8 new recruits for this years Growth Academy for a major global FMCG brand in Dubai…

These 8 delegates are hand picked after assessment centres and come from all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Today we focused on the Insights discovery personal profiles and how they affect the way we are perceived and interact with others.

We started by understanding the model and how it worked before, digging into how we can spot other peoples preferences so we can then adapt our approach to get the most from our interactions with them.

This is becoming more and more important as Leadership at all levels is about getting things done through others.

We finished up by crossing the “maze of doom” before applying the lessons learned to create a document that details what each member brings to the team, how to communicate effectively with them and what will turn them off.

Armed with this document we are all set for another fantastic journey together.

I can’t wait for the next session when we take a closer look at Emotional Intelligence and the part is plays in modern leadership.

What a great start to the week…


Consultative selling skills 2014…

Once again in sunny Birmingham with a dedicated team of individuals who work for a global FMCG brand, looking for ways to ensure that customers can understand the real needs they have, so that they understand how working in partnership can benefit them…

We started the day by understanding what a consultant is and what attributes and skills they have, before moving on to identify which of them we already have and which we need to develop in ourselves before adding some actions to our plans.

We then started to understand precision questioning and active listening before creating a set of SPIN questions to create real needs in our customers and tried them out.

This is where the real work starts, developing great questions is both a skill and an art.

Then ended by identifying real buyer motivations and ways to adapt our approach to be more appealing to them.

Once again a good couple of days work…