GA 2014 Emotional inteligence….

This is the second session with the leaders of tomorrow for a leading global FMCG company with a great attitude to succession planning…

In this part of the world emotional intelligence is not valued as much as it should be in all areas, however this group got its importance straight away.

We started by understanding what emotions are and that there are no good or bad emotions however there are appropriate and inappropriate.

From here we began to understand at a deeper level the importance of emotional intelligence in modern business and the impact a lack of it has.

Delegates then assessed their own EI against the 5 stages

Self awareness
Emotional management
Self motivation

Relationship management
Emotional coaching

Action plans were then made to improve skills in the areas that they scored lowest in.

We moved to identify triggers that can catch us out and began to identify ways to spot and reframe them, we also noticed that our preference for optimism or pessimism could impact our emotions and personal effectiveness and used the work of Seligman to make plans to be more optimistic or ensure that over optimism was checked.

We then began to focus on the teams around us and used Appreciative Inquiry to ensure we focused on the things that were working and ways to leverage them instead of getting triggered into looking at what is wrong and blaming others.

We finished day one by pulling all of these ideas together to use to dispute our inner critic so we could begin to take more control of our thoughts, our inner voice and therefore our results.

We began day two looking at our views on change and risk taking and used a number of questions to help us create a Motivational balance that would both help us to identify the changes we should make and create a strong motivation to follow through.

We then looked the single biggest issue facing all of us


we began by understand when stress is good or bad before moving on to develop actions to firstly avoid stress in the first place, then manage stress when it could not be avoided and finally ways to refresh ourselves afterwards so we were ready for the next stressful situation.

We explored ways to relax deeply quickly so that we can deal with stress before meetings and presentations, before beginning to look at ways to deal assertively with difficult situations and handle conflicts when they arise.

All delegates left with many actions and an assignment to show how they had been put into practice at work.

As always a deeply rewarding two days…


Building relationships…

Once again I am back in Sunny Dubai, working over the last four days with two cohorts of managers and representatives for global pharmaceutical company…

We have been looking at ways to deepen relationships with their customers and consumers.

We started by identifying how consultants operate, before looking at ways to find common ground, before moving on to identify how relationships are built and the key questioning and listening skills that are involved, so that we can accelerate the process when we have short bursts of time face to face with customers.

We went on to identify the four personality types before understanding how to spot and relate to each of them. This was further developed when we looked at ways to present our ideas so that they are quickly and easily understood enabling decisions to be made accurately and quickly.

We finished up by looking at ways to manage our own performance, firstly from an emotional intelligence standpoint and identified ways to keep focused in challenging situations and secondly, the more practical side of things by using network analysis tools to identify gaps and leverage points in or network and finally ways to categorise our customers based on potential and share of potential which enabled delegates to decide who they spend time with, how much time they spend with them and exactly what they should be doing with them during that time.

Each course ran for two days and as always many new plans of action were developed.

I can’t wait for the next tranche…

More consultative selling skills 2014…

Once again in sunny Birmingham with a dedicated team of individuals who work for a global FMCG brand, looking for ways to ensure that customers can understand the real needs they have, so that they understand how working in partnership can benefit them…

We started the day by understanding what a consultant is and what attributes and skills they have, before moving on to identify which of them we already have and which we need to develop in ourselves before adding some actions to our plans.

We then started to understand precision questioning and active listening before creating a set of SPIN questions to create real needs in our customers and tried them out.

This is where the real work starts, developing great questions is both a skill and an art.

Then ended by identifying real buyer motivations and ways to adapt our approach to be more appealing to them.

Once again a good couple of days work…