Effective communication…

Have spent a very challenging yet rewarding day with some managers and team leaders from a large global construction firm, looking into communication and ways to make it more effective…

Everyone was happy to share war stories and set stretching objectives for the day, before diving into some exercises designed to highlight what can go wrong when we communicate with other people and identifying ways to stop this happening.

We then identified the 4 personality styles and discovered what makes them tick, what their core strengths were and how we can adapt our approach to connect more effectively with them.

Finally we finished up pulling it all together in a 5 step process that linked all of the ideas up so we communicate effectively and assertively, with a tailored approach that enables issues to be discussed in depth so that lasting solutions are discovered.

All delegates went away with actions to put their new skills to use, with renewed confidence in their abilities to communicate effectively and achieve win-win outcomes.

When I left I got stuck in a traffic jam, however the delegates could talk their way out of one…

Advanced presentation skills Kazakhstan

I have spent the last couple of days with a team of senior managers from a global FMCG brand, looking at ways to further polish existing presentation skills.

After an initial presentation to camera feedback was provided, before we dug into the anatomy of presentations, Logos, ethos and pathos and looked at ways to weave them into the presentations. We also looked at ways to use your body and voice to add more drama and presence to presentations so that they move the audience to action.

We then repeated the presentations with this new information.

What a contrast!

We finished looking at the power of 3 and used this simple process to build persuasive elevator pitches.

Everyone was amazed at the results.

What a great couple of days…

I hope to be back soon for the next cohort.


Advanced negotiation…

I have spent the last two days working with some senior managers from a global cosmetic and perfumery brand…

We were working to identify ways to increase visibility, availability and sell through to increase sales in a competitive market.

The route to market is complex as there are many channels, all having their own unique challenges, however the negotiation process remains the same, it is just the focus on each step that is different.

We spent time understanding the process before looking into some of the more advanced techniques.

These revolved around ways to influence, question and manage complex decision making units.

We also explored the tactics that professional buyers use and ways to deal with them.

We have a follow up clinic in 6 weeks time. I look forward to hearing about some of the successes, before digging into even more tips and techniques to maximise sales even further.

Each delegate left with an action plan and an assignment to complete.

A great two days for all of us…

Negotiation masterclass…

Once again in Dubai with a group of senior managers for a global tobacco brand…

Negotiation is a very important skill in this part of the world and staying one step ahead of everyone else is paramount.

Over the course of two days we have explored the 5 step process, sold bikes, become charity fundraisers and finally negotiated sensitive employment packages all on our quest to hone our skills further and further.

The biggest learns to come out of the sessions were, that we must spend more time in the discussion phase asking much better questions and linking them together to uncover the underlying values, we also need to resist being the first person to propose our deal and instead we should encourage the other party to start the ball rolling and finally we need to ensure we keep our mindset positive to ensure we always be the best result.

As always the delegates left with a set of actions to ensure they put the new skills to immediate use. I wish them luck.

A hard and rewarding couple of days…


Today Basingstoke, tomorrow the world…

Working with a team from a leading golf sportswear brand, looking at strategy and planning skills…

Each delegate has set themselves a mission and vision that they need to deliver on.

They then created goals and put them into a strategic framework, before testing each goal to ensure it was SMART.

We moved on to look at barriers that may derail the goals using SWOT and PESTLE analysis.

Finally we used Ansoff and BCG matrices to identify where the focus should be with in the product and market partners.

All delegates left with the beginnings of a world beating strategy.

I wish them all luck…


Pick up professionals again…

Had a great couple of days working with sales executives for a leading pickup manufacturer, helping them to deliver professional customer experiences.

We start by understanding what professional means before identifying areas we need to develop to become even more professional.

We spend time focussing on product, what makes it unique and class leading.

We also focus on the ways that companies purchasing the vehicle may be set up and the tax implications of this, so we can give sound unbiased buying advice.

finally we look the the legal requirements regarding, tachographs and operator licensing, so we can give good information to customers to help them navigate the maze of legislation they face.

This is then put into practice for a final round of presentations.

I hope when you need a pickup you deal with a professional!


More influencing skills….

Once again it was great to work with a group of people from a family run bakery all of whom had several people they needed to influence…

We completed an exercise that helped delegates identify who these people were, how important they were in the scheme of things and how strong the relationships were. This helped delegates identify who they should focus on first.

After beginning by understanding the difference between positional power and personal power we set about understanding the four personality styles before identifying which style each of us preferred to use.

Interestingly there was a high level of introversion preference in the room, this meant that many of the delegates needed time to reflect on how to apply the ideas we were working through.

We then went on to identify the preferences of the people we needed to influence before understanding how this could be done.

We then moved on to understand which styles we like to use to influence others and discussed the fact that as the companies’ values were very inclusive there was not much use of the Direct/ firm style. We also identified the styles we used least and discussed how these might be used with the people we identified earlier to increase our levels of influence.

Next we looked at the work of Robert Cialdini and ways we could use some of his levers to make it easier for us to gain commitment from those we needed to influence. Once again we looked at how each of the 6 approaches could be used and discussed how each delegate would use them.

Finally we looked at ways to stay assertive and handle difficult situations and each delegate identified how their current strategies both helped and hindered them before thinking about how they could flex their styles under pressure.

All delegates left with action plans which I am sure will increase their levels of influence in their roles.


Telephone techniques…

Spent the morning working with a group of Commercial Vehicle sales professionals for a global brand, who are about to bring a new product to market.

We were identifying ways to improve our telephone techniques as well as ensuring that we have the right message for the right people at the right time.

We finished by looking at other ways to reach customers in a more connected age.

All of us left with lots of fresh perspectives and a list of things to do…


Insights in Vienna…

I spent the day working with a team of 26 people from a global pharma company, we were looking for ways to communicate even more effectively as a team….

I was assisted by Dee my newest team member who was able to see just how powerful the Insights Discovery Personal profile can be.

We started the day by understanding that everybody has their own unique view of the world, before identifying what exactly makes us all different.

Using the Insights Discovery Personal profile the whole team where able to understand the unique differences, what drives them and most importantly how to work with and play to their strengths instead of focussing on their weaknesses.

We ended by completing a series of team tasks to put our new found understanding into practice.

A very enjoyable and insightful  day…