Effective briefings level 1…

Today I am working with a large group of team leaders for a premier exhibition centre in Dubai…

We are working to find ways to ensure team briefings are always effective as well as being shorter, whilst still ensuring that the events are executed as expected.

We start by understanding what briefings are, when we should have them, what should be covered and who should be there, before moving on to look at how we communicate so that a clear and consistent message is delivered to all.

We then built our own briefing plans and used them to brief our fellow delegates.

We finished up looking at ways to use the briefing to also motivate and engage the team so they all work together effectively.

I highly interactive and entertaining day, all delegates left with a fresh perspective and lots of new actions to take…


Insights in Vienna…

I spent the day working with a team of 26 people from a global pharma company, we were looking for ways to communicate even more effectively as a team….

I was assisted by Dee my newest team member who was able to see just how powerful the Insights Discovery Personal profile can be.

We started the day by understanding that everybody has their own unique view of the world, before identifying what exactly makes us all different.

Using the Insights Discovery Personal profile the whole team where able to understand the unique differences, what drives them and most importantly how to work with and play to their strengths instead of focussing on their weaknesses.

We ended by completing a series of team tasks to put our new found understanding into practice.

A very enjoyable and insightful ┬áday…



Insights into teams…

Working with a sales team from a well known FMCG company that produces office products….

Identifying ways to collaborate and work more closely as a team and to also develop deeper relationships with customers so that they can get closer to them as well.

Using Insights Discovery we identified our preferences, how this helps us and how it may hold us back, we looked at identifying the team member preferences and begun to develop new ways to communicate as a team, before looking at ways to use it with customers too.

A great start to an interesting and challenging journey for all….


Insights into senior management teams…

Today I have been working with 9 senior managers for a global pharma company in Vienna, using Insights Discovery to unlock “world class” team working.

This is a team that is functioning well, although at times meetings get bogged down when everyone has an opinion.

By looking at the the profiles we were able to identify what the causes were and develop strategies to stop them getting bogged down in the future.

We also noticed that there was a blind spot for the team, which needed to be addressed to ensure that the rest of the business remained engaged with their plans for the future.

We finished by creating a document that will help the team, communicate more effectively, divide the workload to allow people to play to their strengths and finally every person made a commitment to the team to move things forward.

Not bad in 3.5 hours!


Insights into challenging teams…

Have spent the day working with a team for a professional body, who are stuck in the “Storming” stage of Tuckman’s 4 stage model.

Using the Insights Discovery profile we began to explore the model, before identifying where each team member was and the communications challenges this causes.

Digging deeper into the profile we used the information on “Value to the team” to start looking at the positives each member added, this began to get delegates looking at differences in a more favourable way.

We finished by using the “Management Chapter” to help understand what type of environment the team wanted to create and how to make it happen, before finally developing a team “Vision and Values” document that will help move the team on towards “Norming” and beyond.

A challenging day for all involved and a step in the right direction…

The whole day was delivered in a basement room, so there is no view to share.

Insights into team effectiveness…

Have spent a great day with a newly formed team for a global pharmaceutical company, some of the members had started with the company and the team on Monday!

We were using the Insights Discovery Personal Profiles as the tool to help the team understand each other and get up to speed quickly.

Each member of the team works remotely so good communications are a must.

We spent the start of the day looking at the Insights model and how the profiles were constructed, before getting int the meat of the day, looking at how the profiles would help the team to communicate effectively.

After working in small groups to identify personal strengths and areas for development, they quickly realised that other team members had the required skills to help them improve in these areas, this was the first step towards valuing differences and helping each person play to their role in developing each other.

We then created a team handbook which set out what each person brings t the team, the best ways to communicate with them and things to avoid. Finally each member made a commitment to their team mates about how they would work for the good of the team and support each other etc.

Finally they completed a number of team challenges that built on their new skills, and helped identify ways to apply them to the real situations they face on a daily basis.

The team left with a much better understanding of themselves, each other and how to work as an effective unit.

I am sure they will meet with great success.


New team development…

Working with a newly formed team for a professional organisation that provides certification and accreditation in the Accountancy proffession…

The task is to help them become a high performing team as fast as possible and to increase their profile within the organisation so they become more pro active in driving the digital media agenda forward.

We are using Insights Discovery Profiles as a tool to help the team work more closely together. The profiles have proved once again to be incredibly accurate and insightful.

They have helped to open dialogue up amongst the team around strengths and weakness’s and ways to work better by using people with the strongest skills in each area to increase effectiveness.

We then began to look at ways to spot the preferences of others, before identifying simple ways to flex our preferred style as required to create more impact when we interact with them. This was focused around the key stakeholders in the business.

Finally we finished by creating a communications document outlined what each team member brings to the team and the most effective ways to communicate with them.

A deeply rewarding day…


Insights into Amsterdam…

Working with a senior IT team from a well known FMCG company that produces tobacco products….

Looking for ways to work more closely as a team and develop deeper relationships with stakeholders so that they can get IT on the agenda and be seen as a more proactive function within the business.

Using Insights Discovery we identified our preferences, how this helps us and how it may hold us back, we looked at identifying the stakeholders preferences and begun to develop new ways to approach them.

A great start to an interesting and challenging journey for all….


Difficult people…

Have spent a very challenging yet rewarding day with some managers and team leaders from a family Bakery looking at the thorny issue of dealing with difficult people and situations.

Everyone was happy to share war stories and set stretching objectives for the day, before diving into some exercises designed to highlight what can go wrong when we communicate with other people and identifying ways to stop this happening, this was followed by looking at ways to stay assertive when communicating so that we can explore opportunities that benefit both parties.

We then identified the 4 personality styles and discovered what makes them tick, what their core strengths were and how we can adapt our approach to connect more effectively with them.

Finally we finished up pulling it all together in a 5 step process that linked all of the ideas up so we communicate effectively and assertively, with a tailored approach that enables issues to be discussed in depth so that lasting solutions are discovered.

All delegates went away with actions to put their new skills to use, with renewed confidence in their abilities to handle difficult people and achieve win-win outcomes…


Team effectiveness…

When a new leader is appointed to an exisiting team it can be tough to get everyone on board pointing in the same direction…

Todays’ half day starts the process using Insights Discovery Personal profiles as the key to unlock the mysteries of team communication and motivation.

Having a balanced team often means a group of individuals with their own agendas, this team falls into this category, only now they value the differences in approach and outlook instead of seeing them as problems and barriers.

Who would have thought that surgical instruments could be so much fun!!