Insights afternoon…

I spent the afternoon working with two ladies who work for a global pharma company and a colleague looking at ways to use the Insights Discovery Personal Profile to improve communications, manage relationships, improve areas of weakness and manage career progression…

A very big ambition for an afternoon, however a challenge we were all up for. We began by digging into the model to understand how it was constructed, before looking at what this meant for each of us in terms of our approach to tasks and people. This proved very illuminating highlighting some of the reasons behind difficulties and challenges each of us faced.

We moved on to identify some key strengths and the impact they have on our success, we then moved on to look at weakness’s and developed strategies to minimise them.

Finally we began to look at how each of the different personality types interact and created quick ways to identify others styles quickly, before developing strategies to help us adapt our approach effectively.

The afternoon will be followed up by coaching sessions to dig even deeper into the profiles so that their full potential can be leveraged. This will enable some SMART choices to be made to manage relationships and career development.

I great afternoon…


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