Leadership communication skills DDi style…

Have been working with 12 leaders from a global manufacturer of electrical equipment looking at ways to communicate more effectively as a leader …

We started by understanding what a leaders role is and the pressure that they operate under, before moving on to look at ways to communicate more effectively and Spark changes in behaviour in our teams.

We looked at personal and practical needs and the role they have in communication and driving performance.

Then we dug deeper into the 5 key principles that satisfy personal needs and measured our current levels of flex.

We made some commitments to develop more flex and use the different principles consciously.

After this we looked at the interaction essentials model to manage practical needs whilst still satisfying personal needs, this enables us to have conversations that deliver results.

Finally we looked at feedback and a model to give both praise and development feedback.

All of this in just 4 hours, a great use of time and resource…


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