Hello world!

Hi everyone…

Where do I start?

Well like many freelance trainers I spend much of my life travelling from one place to another to spend time with delegates, supporting them in their everyday roles.

I spend too much time moving from place to place and am often focussed on the job in hand.

Right now I have a few days to catch my breath and work out what comes next. That is why I finally got round to setting this blog up.

I will share as often as I can photos of the view from my training room and my thoughts and observations on the subject matter. This will also help me appreciate the opportunities I have too.

To start off I have two pictures from the last weeks of May.


This one was taken near Bristol on the first really sunny day we had for a while, the delegates needed to use mobile phones for many exercises as it was an inbound call handling day, so we spent as much time out in the garden as we could. I am sure the quality of the calls improved as a result and when we played them back it was clear this happened!


This was taken from my training room on the Oasis Beach Towers in Dubai where I was developing managers into leaders of tomorrow.

It took all the leadership capability I had to ensure that the delegates focused on the content and not the view.

I am back on the road next week and will keep updating as I go.