Presentation skills Iran GA…

Have spent the last 2 days with 11 managers from a global FMCG brand working to improve their presentation skills…

We first started by delivering our personal introduction to the group, this set the benchmark and each individual delegate received feedback from the group and myself.

We went on to look at a three step process, Prepare, Build and Deliver.

In the Prepare stage we looked at how to identify the key objectives for our presentation and how to make sure our message is communicated at the right level and using the right VAK language for our audience. We finished looking at what we want the audience to Think, Feel and Do as a result of our presentation. Delegates then delivered group presentations describing how to deliver presentations that appeal to each of the VAK preferences and again received feedback.

Once we understood all this we began to pull the information together which moved us into the Build phase. We looked at how to use PowerPoint, flip charts and samples etc. We then looked at the structure of a presentation and how to order our information so if flowed and engaged our audience, finally we looked at the story telling aspect of presentations and delegates prepared and delivered a short presentation linking three random pictures to a story about working for their company. Once again they received feedback.

It was clear to see much improvement already.

On day two we looked at how to handle nerves before entering the Deliver phase presenting 5 minutes of a business presentation before getting feedback and then working to improve the slides used.

Once this was complete we looked at the final part of the presentation which is how we use our bodies, voices and eye contact to engage and enthral our audience before doing a final group presentation about how to use all of this to deliver a rousing presentation about how to get the best from life.

All delegates left with actions and much more confidence.

Some of them are even looking forward to their next presentation!